for the wandering, the wondering, the lonely, and the loyal.

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Admit it, you watched and dreamed of winning the BIG MONEY. You pursue the American dream and buy into the[...]
What’s The Big Deal About Christmas?
Have you seen the TV show undercover boss? It's an Emmy award-winning show in its 4th season. The gist of[...]
Knowing What You Are Talking About
Knowing What You Are Talking AboutI often hear people say to me, “ They say ... [fill in any informational[...]
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Michael Young is a speaker and Bible teacher with a gift of creativity — a pastor's heart and a innovative mind. Michael's message is simple: Think Biblically! Michael serves the Lord in Melbourne, Florida. He speaks, writes and teaches the wandering, the wondering, the lonely, and the loyal. Michael helps people and churches to align with the mission of Jesus!

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