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About Michael

Michael Young has spent 30 years in ministry. Since 1987 he has created courses, written books, taught online, in pulpits, on broadcasts and at speaking engagements…even on a cruise ship! Michael is a fabulous storyteller. He will make you laugh while making you think. His engaging style of the message of God’s incredible grace has resonated with people from camps to conferences. He has loves to preach and teach his motto of “Think Biblically!

Michael believes one of best gifts to him from the Lord are the many people of organizations and churches where he has served as pastor, teacher, and counselor. Always open to where God is sending, Michael has helped establish ministries all across the country and counseled around the globe. He has lead churches and organizations to restructure and revitalize the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Growing up in a Catholic home and going to Catholic school in a small northeast town, Michael began to wonder about the Bible that the nuns spoke of but never spent time in. Michael moved to the beach in Florida for junior high school. Basically a moral kid, yet he still had that gnawing deep inside about God.

After graduating high school Michael joined the Navy where he served for 5 and half years in Special Warfare (EOD/SEALS) and Military Law Enforcement. While in the Navy he married very young and upon receiving medical discharge for acute vertigo (seasickness) Michael moved back to Florida. Trying to support a family with limited jobs in his military skills area, the financial burden mounted and his marriage fell apart ultimately ending in a divorce.

A few difficult years passed. Michael tried several ways to fill what was missing in his heart. He looked into becoming a police officer and even began training to be a paramedic. But God kept after him and he was moved toward the unconditional love of God through a Bible study.  While attending this Bible study Michael met his future wife and learned of the school where he would train to be a pastor, Columbia Bible College and Seminary later to become Columbia International University.

“I remember driving over the bridge to mainland with tears coming down my cheeks knowing that I was a Christian because Jesus Christ was my Savior and my Lord and I would do whatever God had for me."  

I was a twenty- five years old. I had lived with the arrogance that I knew best, and I was in charge of my life. The mess I had made before becoming a Christian resulted in a failed marriage, bankruptcy, and carnal living. I was headed toward a lifetime of disappointment.

Maybe if I let God be in charge it would be better! So for me the Savior part of Jesus was easy. I understood it well growing up Catholic. It was giving my life to Jesus, trusting in Him as Lord was the part God had worked into me. It was giving over to the Lordship of Jesus that had changed it all for me. 

Giving over to the Lordship of Jesus, Michael began a new marriage and college studies with passion.  He received a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s in Christian Education from CIU. While in college he accepted his first assignment as the Children’s Director of a small church in Columbia, South Carolina, where he was able to develop his passion for people, ministry, and teaching. His now wife, Mary Beth, had her degree in teaching and was employed as the day care director at another church in Columbia. Michael and Mary Beth proved to be a good team as both of these ministries grew. Mary Beth would continue to be a good helper and wonderful wife of over three decades now.

Michael and Mary Beth would move around the country to help pastor and sometimes plant churches, build Christian Camps, and train missionaries. While training missionaries, Michael found himself coaching and counseling in diverse situations. This led him to begin a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling which is almost finished. He also began teaching online and even became a subject matter specialist for the university creating courses in Church History and Moses and Prophets.

During his time as a missionary trainer, Michael wrote his first book, In His Words: 31 Days of Scriptural Prayer. “It was an effort to help the people I was counseling and teach them more in-depth prayer.”  During this time, Michael was also teaching and speaking. He was even invited to lead workshops on a Caribbean cruise.  

In 2014, Michael, a consumate storyteller wrote a children’s book, There’s A Thing In My Closet. “It is a book to teach kids to be good steward of the things God provides for them. It was fun to write in a Dr. Seuss-style.” Michael has also written and published articles and courses for a magazine and newspapers. Michael and Mary Beth live in Melbourne, Florida, and have three grown children.

  • Birth Place: Niagara Falls, NY
  • Graduate: Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, FL
  • BS: Biblical Studies, Columbia Bible College and Seminary, Columbia, SC
  • M.Ed.: Christian Education, Columbia International University, Columbia, SC
  • M.Div.: Practical Ministry, Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburg, IN
  • Positions Held: Children’s Director, Executive Director (Camps), Missionary Trainer, Executive Pastor, Interim Pastor, Church Planting Pastor.

Meeting Michael

To meet Michael in person: Michael counsels individuals, couples, and families in Melbourne, FL.

About Michael’s speaking schedule: Any published speaking engagement or preaching date is subject to last minute change without notice. Please check visit the events page at

To request Michael as a speaker at a church, event, or conference: Please give three month advance notice for all events. Invitations should be in writing, either by email or standard mail, and should include all the necessary details: information about the inviting organization, dates, times, number of messages, location, anticipated audience. We like to plan only one year in advance.

Each summer, Michael and his Advisory Committee meet to review all invitations. Priority placements on his calendar are his commitments to family, Church, studies, and writing deadlines. Once those commitments are in place, Michael and the committee determine which additional events will find a place on his calendar. Michael personally considers each letter carefully and prayerfully, and is deeply honored by every invitation.

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