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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

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Michael Young Think Biblically G56

Admit it, you watched and dreamed of winning the BIG MONEY. You pursue the American dream and buy into the Madison Avenue hype. The advertising industry wants to keep you in slavery. Sadly, tens of thou- sands of Americans do just that. Spend now, pay later and pay, pay, pay. Now you can show your kids a way that they can be a millionaire.

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What’s The Big Deal About Christmas?

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Michael Young Think Biblically Christmas

Have you seen the TV show undercover boss? It's an Emmy award-winning show in its 4th season. The gist of the show is that business owners disguise themselves as common workers and take menial jobs somewhere within the company. They observe their fellow employees to see if they have the spirit and vision of the company and they watch how their employees handle relationships with the customers. At the end of the show the “Boss” reveals himself to the workers and rewards them if their work represented the values of the company. On one show the best worker received a franchise to the company and their own store. On another show a mom received $45,000 to help her start a college fund for her children while another employee received money to buy a needed new car. It's always tearful during the reveal as the “Boss” meets the needs of workers that he uncovered during his stint as labor.

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Knowing What You Are Talking About

Michael Young Smart Brilliant

I often hear people say to me, “ They say ... [fill in any informational statement]. They say you shouldn’t swim for 30 minutes after eating. They say you should only buy alkaline batteries. They say you must always use a debit card at a gas pump. They say.... blah, blah, blah. I don’t know who “they” are. I always ask for their phone number but as yet I have never gotten one. I want to talk with “they.” I really do. But it seems “they” don’t have a phone or an email address. You see, “they” are “them.” Those people out there who tell you something they heard from somebody, who heard it from someone that no one knows but everyone believes. It is like a verbal chain letter. It must be true I saw it on the internet, too!

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